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Business Change and Transformation Solutions

Mike Briggs is an experienced independent management consultant and programme manager, with particular expertise in planning and delivering business change and transformation solutions.

Whether your business or organisation is based in the UK or Europe, Mike has the skills and experience to able to help improve its efficiency and effectiveness, adapt to meet new challenges, or launch new ventures.

With over 25 years experience in UK and international management and consultancy roles, Mike is able to provide pure management consultancy, or pure programme management according to your requirements. However he is also skilled at combining the two, enabling him to provide complete business change or transformation solutions to the problems or opportunities facing your organisation, working with you and your management team.

An end-to-end solutions can encompass the full range of issues that may be encountered, spanning people, processes, technology, structures and governance. This can involve a range of activities from business analysis, strategy development, option appraisal, and business case preparation, to planning, implementation and benefits delivery, as well as managing stakeholder engagement and communications.

Depending on the scale of the initiatives and the timescales involved, this might involve working alone, leading a internal or externally recruited team, managing third party suppliers and contractors, or a combination of these resources at different stages of the assignment.

In all cases, Mike’s approach will be tailored to the needs, capacities and culture of your organisation, rather than applying a pre-defined formula.

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