Frequently Asked Questions

What sectors do you work in?

Part of my skill-set is an ability to rapidly switch between different organisations in a very diverse range of sectors, with very different cultures, concerns and management styles. This site has a list of sectors that I’ve previously worked in, however my skills are readily transferable to other sectors too.

Where are you prepared to work?

Normally anywhere in the UK or Europe, but potentially further afield — just email the details.

Do you work alone?

Not necessarily — if others are needed I’m happy to assemble a team, or to lead a team with members drawn from within your own business, if they have the time and expertise to participate.

Can you undertake a long / short assignment?

Subject to availability (see the footer below), yes, either. Engagements can range from providing a few hours of business analysis or advice, a few weeks to undertake a feasibility study or develop strategy, or several months — perhaps developing and leading a major business transformation initiative through its full life-cycle.

When are you available?

The footer below details my expected availability, but you can also subscribe to the RSS updates feed to get automatic notifications of major changes.

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